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New Online Backup Service Offered via MOZY
Companies data is the life blood of there busines.  Loss of the smallest data, could end up crippling a company.  That is why PC Consultants has teamed up with Mozy online backup.  Some companies are backing up using tape or external hard drive, which serves a purpose, but adding an extra layer of backup using Mozy provides that extra level of protection and assurance.  

Mozy backups provides:

Business and Residential Backups
Server and Workstation Backups
All Data is encrypted before uploading to server for security
Backups are automatic
After initial backups are made, only the changed part of the files are backed up.
Restore files up to 30 days in the past.
SQL, Exchange, and network drive support

Pricing for Mozy is very affordable.  The Monthly Fee starts at $6.95 per server license or $5.95 for desktop license per month and then 50 cents per Gig.


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